Facelogger (2011)

Making "face flash cards" to help with my face blindness

Solo work. I modified the camera and wrote all the software

The Face Logger is an experiment in practical lifelogging.

Have you ever had difficulty remembering the names and faces of people you meet? I have. Call it face-blindness, or call it inattention. I’ve always dreamed of using technology to offload the part of my brain responsible for remembering the people I meet.

Using an always-on video camera, facial recognition, and crowdsourcing I’ve begun to address my shortcomings.

With a single touch of a button, the Face Logger captures clips of my interactions with others. It identifies their faces, transcribes our conversation, and remembers where and when we met. It makes this information available in the form of a Facecard, which is like a flashcard for people.

And now, I never need to struggle to remember a face.