For the past decade, I've led teams in complex engineering and creative projects and also produced solo interactive works. That goes for most of the projects listed below, unless otherwise indicated.
Image Year Category Title Summary
2020 Story Room Real Fake News
You and five friends become the cast of KOMG News
software design fabrication electronics
2020 Two Bit Circus Fun In Exile
A web-streamed interactive gameshow about the 2020 pandemic
software design
2020 Nerding Booper
A barcode sound machine to amuse my 4 year old
2019 Two Bit Circus Gearmo Del Pouro
A robot who can pour you a drink and put a smile on your face
software guy-on-a-team
2019 Two Bit Circus Freefall
Jump off a building in VR... and in real life
software design
2019 Story Room Dr. Botcher's Minute Medical School
Give us 20 minutes, and we'll train you up as a certifiable freelance surgeon
software design fabrication electronics
2018-2020 Club01 Whiskey & Wine Shows
Like no tasting you've ever experienced
2018-2020 Club01 Trivia Show
Trivia, game-show style in Club01 at Two Bit Circus
2018-2020 Two Bit Circus Metagame
Physical and digital adventures in Two Bit Circus
design software
2018-2020 Club01 Club01
Two Bit Circus' interactive gameshow theater
software design
2018 Open Source snork
A windows process manager controlled by redis
2018 Immersive Games Skidoo
More pixels than you need in this experimental arcade platform
software fabrication design
2018 Two Bit Circus Qmongous
A tablet-based queueing system for managing guests waiting for attractions at Two Bit Circus
2018 Immersive Games Last Ball Standing
Six players compete to be the king of the hill with the world's largest trackballs
software design
2018 Immersive Games Demolition Zone
Your job is to take down a building in this very physical game for two players
software design
2018 Immersive Games Balloon Pop
Throw ball-pit balls at virtual targets in this midway game meets mobile game
software design
2017-2020 Two Bit Circus Walnut
A game engine for developing immersive out-of-home experience
2017 Art Two Bit Circus Pop-Up Book
A foray into the art of creating pop-up books
2017 Immersive Games Piñata Party
VR piñata so real, you'd think you were standing in a tiny town in Mexico
2016 Story Rooms The Auction
An immersive theater piece done with augmented audio reality
software design
2016 Two Bit Circus Spell Binder
A Magic Mirror installed in several Dave & Busters
2016 Open Source Rhino Joinery Tools
Tools for Rhino3d to perform common laser and CNC joinery
2016 Immersive Games Pacman VR
In VR, you become the PacMan. And your friends become the ghosts...
design software
2016 Two Bit Circus Oomiyu
An origami owl robot powered by Intel
design electronics
2016 Immersive Games Kaleidoscope
A kaliedoscope, where your face is the center of the flower
fabrication software
2016 Client Work D.E.J.A
A storytelling interactive cube
design electronics software
2016 Story Room Cosmic Contagion
An early Story Room about a missing scientist in a remote lab
software design fabrication electronics
2015-2017 Two Bit Circus Kyogen
An early framework for building immersive story rooms
2015 Client Work Wild Blue Yonder
Bringing a much-loved comic book to life with Intel Realsense
2015 Story Room Space Squad in Space
You're the bridge crew of this mostly working starship
software design fabrication electronics
2015 Open Source ofxPolysave
An OpenFrameworks add-on to record shapes
2014 Story Room The Flash S.T.A.R. Labs
A mobile Story Room to promote the launch of The Flash on CW
software design fabrication electronics
2014 Client Work Paintball Robot
A robot that paints pictures using paintballs
fabrication software electronics
2014 Open Source ofxSubprocess
An OpenFrameworks addon to launch and manage subprocesses
2014 Immersive Games Laser Maze
Can you get through the maze without breaking the beams? And look good doing it?
software electronics
2014 Two Bit Circus Dunk Tank Flambe
The classic dunk tank... reimagined with fire!
design guy-on-a-team
2013-2016 Two Bit Circus STEAM Carnival
A traveling carnival to inspire kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
2013 Two Bit Circus Servo Orchestra
Fun with servos and musical instruments
fabrication electronics
2013 Immersive Games Off Your Rocker
Race to the finish on these colorful rocking chairs
design software fabrication
2013 Immersive Games Hexaball
A game of domination with the world's largest trackballs
2013 Story Room Great Forest Challenge
A Story Room for kids, built for Great Wolf Lodge
software design fabrication electronics
2013 Immersive Games Balls to the Wall
A game played by throwing balls against a projected wall
2013 Immersive Games Asteroids
The classic game of Asteroids, rendered by laser on a floor
software electronics
2012-2020 Immersive Games Hexacade
Games are more fun with six people facing each other
fabrication software
2012-2020 Immersive Games Buttonwall
Smash buttons!
fabrication software electronics
2012 Immersive Games Spacebike
The classic game of Asteroids, using a bicycle as a controller
software fabrication
2011 Syyn Labs Wonka Candy Display
An animated window display in Times Square for Wonka Chocolate
fabrication electronics
2011 EMHE Sip & Puff
A pitching machine controlled by a paraplegic's sip & puff machine
2011 EMHE Puppet Show
A digital puppet show for a deserving family
software electronics fabrication
2011 EMHE Projection Mapped Interior Decorating
A tool for doing interior decorating using projection mapping on white furniture
design software
2011 Nerding K-Cup
An experimental chording keyboard designed for my physiology and psychology
electronics software
2011 Interactive Art Identity Tree
See your online identity rendered as a plant in this commisioned museum piece
software fabrication
2011 Syyn Labs Google Rube Goldberg Machine
Another Rube Goldberg Machine for Google's Global Science Fair
fabrication design
2011 Quantified Self Facelogger
Making "face flash cards" to help with my face blindness
2011 Syyn Labs Cyclo
A robotic unicycle puppet made for Red Bull Creation competition in 72 hours
fabrication electronics
2011 Syyn Labs Augmented Reality Turret
Augmented reality, before it was a thing
fabrication software
2010 Interactive Art Standard Gravity
Physics made beautiful, rendered on a giant LED wall
2010 Interactive Art Sockieokie
Karaoke, but you're singing with other people's faces
2010 Syyn Labs OK GO Rube Goldberg Machine
The infamous OK GO Rube Goldberg Machine Video
design fabrication guy-on-a-team
2010 Syyn Labs DNA Sequencer
Hundreds of discrete LEDs form this long colorful art display
design fabrication
2010 Syyn Labs DieHard Battery
We make a giant piano out of cars, so Gary Numan can play Cars on the cars.
electronics software
2010 Mobile Apps ColorSpot
A mobile game, when phones were new
2009 Nerding The Puck
An experimental physical computing idea
electronics software
2009 Interactive Art ShadowSmoke
Manipulate luminous smoke in this interactive projected installation
2009 Quantified Self Narcisystem
Where I attach an array of biosensors to my body to mess with people at a party
software electronics
2009 Robotics Kuka Bomb-Defusal Robot
Three Kuka robots come together Voltron-style for this robot capable of defusing bombs
2009 Quantified Self Haptic Compass
I develop a "sixth sense" for absolute direction with this compass belt
software fabrication electronics
2009 Color Night Vision
See color in the dark!
2009 Interactive Art Cloud Mirror
You'll come face to face with your Internet Self, and you won't like what you see
2008-2009 Robotics Self-Driving OHV
An early self-driving car I can't tell you much about!
software guy-on-a-team
2008 VR Command Center
Control real computers around the world in VR. In 2008.
2008 Interactive Art NotPocketSimon
My first interactive game. The classic game of Simon played by four people.
fabrication software
2008 Interactive Art Artfall
An ordinary whiteboard become an interactive play space
2007-2009 Robotics Zeta
A software framework in C & Python for building semi-autonomous robots
2007 Nerding TRS-80 Bluetooth
I turn a TRS-80 into a networked terminal as a prank
2007 Interactive Art Ms. PacMan IKEA Table
Nobody ever expands their expanding dinner tables, so I stuffed a custom Ms Pacman in mine
fabrication software
2007 Robotics Concept Car
A concept car for a major auto manufacturer I can't tell you much about
software guy-on-a-team