In 1984, I was the star of an Oscar Meyer hotdog commercial. ┬áThis commercial was played over and over and over again during the 1984 Olympics. Your reaction will be “awwww!”, then “what happened to that cute kid?!” in that order.

I am a very good fire dancer; I’ve been practicing it for over 10 years. There are lots of fire dancers now, but not many can perform while hanging upside down, swinging high in the air. Or can spin four poi at once (two in each hand).

Please ignore the lack of mohawk, ridiculous facial hair, and (oh god) those pants.

I’ve performed for many years as an acrobat, dancer, aerialist, and clown in Los Angeles’s own homegrown circus, Cirque Berzerk

that’s me in the center

In 2009 I competed in the International Whistling Competition. I did quite well, making it into the finals, and I was in the top 10 (though I didn’t get a snazzy trophy for my troubles!)

This is me whistling “Illabye” by Tipper, as my entry into the finals. If you know anything about Tipper’s music, you will understand why this video is completely ridiculous.

If that isn’t enough, if you follow that video back to youtube, you might find video of me whistling The Sugarplum Fairy. Oh yes.

Want to hear me whistling on stage at Mindshare LA?

Mack the Knife (at Mindshare.LA) by egradman

This picture is not faked in any way. But neither is a particularly practical way to write software, nor to put on a good fire show.

I hate bubbles.